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5 metrics to improve your Snapchat marketing

le 30 janvier 2017


In this article, you’ll discover five metrics you should focus on to get more out of Snapchat…

#1: Watch Total Opens

The total number, or aggregate, of views across all of your Snapchat stories is called total opens. This metric helps you gauge the success of a two-part strategy: content and growth. If you aren’t receiving as many views of your content as you’d like, it’s time to take a deeper look at these two facets of your Snapchat marketing plan.

Tip: To track your opens and views, you can use a tool like Snaplytics.io.


If users don’t find any value in your snap, they’re unlikely to view the other snaps in your story. Are your snaps interesting, funny, and/or useful? Be honest with yourself and get feedback from others. Every snap you post should deliver value or fulfill a need, whether it’s eliciting a human emotion or delivering information.

One way to boost views is to harness the power of anticipation. Snaps are short forms of content, but they should reflect the basic pillars of storytelling. Each video needs a beginning, middle, and end, and your audience needs a reason to follow through to the end.

Similar principles apply to images, which should take viewers on a journey that encourages them to keep watching and ask, “What’s next?” Unless you work somewhere inherently fun (like Disneyland), snapping about your daily work life may not entice those who are viewing.

Read full article here ! (source : socialmediaexaminer.com)


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