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Revue de tendance des technologies par Mickaël Jouyaux, consultant & formateur, Montréal Paris.

COVID-19 : FMCG brands advertising practices on the move

WARC Data’s Managing Editor delves into the story behind the impact COVID-19 is having on advertising spending & consumer purchasing with FMCG an area key to the full picture.

See full article from WARC (source : warc.com). For more details, take a look to an IAB dedicated pdf (from iab.com).

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Snapchat reveals how coronavirus affects its U.S. users

In just a couple of short weeks, much of American society has shut down. Today, Snapchat released new research about what its U.S. users are saying and where they’re going during the coronavirus pandemic.

While Snapchat would not provide Adweek with hard numbers, it said that users self-report using the service more. Adweek has previously reported spikes in traffic on Reddit, Tumblr and Pinterest due to the coronavirus outbreak forcing more Americans to work from home and search for a community online.

Snapchat’s findings come from a survey of users, aggregated and anonymized location data, and top trends from search, stickers, public and Our Story post captions. The survey and data were collected last week.

Last week, as compared to the week prior, trips to universities and high schools were down 73% and 86%, respectively, while visits to airports (-22%), restaurants and bars (-29%), malls (-32%), movie theaters (-40%), gyms (-41%) music venues (-59%) are all down. Grocery stores have seen an uptick in visitation by 2%. Since Feb. 23, the app Foursquare saw trips to the grocery store increase 19% nationally.

Take a look to the full article thanks to adweek.com (source, infographic by The Kochava Collective)

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Confinement Total 2.0 Épisode 3 : rassemblement à distance en fin de semaine !

Il existe une multitude de services de vidéoconférence, encore faut-il choisir le plus performant pour se retrouver entre ami-e-s confiné-e-s.

Zoom fait désormais partie des solutions professionnelles ouvertes au grand public pour des échanges exceptionnellement sans limite de temps. L’éditeur californien vient de l’annoncer pour toutes les réunions de groupes incluant un maximum de 100 participants. La génération Z s’est déjà emparé de ce bel outil pour, par exemple, donner vie à une fête d’anniversaire (article du NYT : https://tinyurl.com/udwpcwe). Pour savoir comment organiser vous-même avec Zoom un bon moment entre ami-e-s, voici comment faire : https://tinyurl.com/qond48s. Et maintenant, Santé !

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Facebook is experimenting with a Pinterest-like app called Hobbi












Every now and then, Facebook quietly launches a new app, typically to a small audience, to test the waters a little bit. Last November, it was the meme-making app Whale, and now it’s Hobbi, an iOS app that’s quite similar to Pinterest.

Dubbed the « one stop app for your personal projects, » Hobbi — first unearthed by The Information — Hobbi lets users save photos of « projects you’re working on and the activities you love to do, » organize them into visual collections and share highlights. So yes, exactly like Pinterest.

The app currently has a pretty low rating of 2.1, with most complaints being that the app is unoriginal.

Read the full article to find out more thanks to mashable.com (source)

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The truth about mobile tech benefits in classrooms

The embrace of mobile technology in higher education appears to now include at least a small majority of college instructors. In a recent survey of instructors conducted by Education Dive Brand Studio and Cengage, 53% of respondents said they used mobile to access e-books and other digital course materials, while 46% used it to research class topics.

Yet there are still plenty of doubters, and two issues seem to worry them the most. Among those reporting they do not use mobile, 43% said they were concerned that not all students would have equal, affordable access to the devices, and 24% said they were concerned it would distract their students too much.

Full (sponsored) article here from educationdive.com

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Happy Christmas to you (SEO jingle bells cover) !

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The best Instagram Stories of 2019

Balado / Podcast  Clic to Listen
from Buffer (sound) & Blogdumoderateur.com (image)

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93% of companies using Inbound Marketing increase lead generation

How long does it take to see results from inbound marketing? What kind of results will I see? What exactly leads to those increases? If you’ve been asking yourself those questions, have no fear, the latest HubSpot ROI report is in, and it has answers to all those questions.

The ROI Report is an analysis created in collaboration with HubSpot and MIT. By crunching numbers from our customers, we can not only get a perspective on the successes of our customers, but also a global view of how inbound marketing is working for businesses around the world right now.
Start generating more leads from your website today with HubSpot’s free tool, Leadin.

These results come from a study based on data from 5,048 HubSpot customers and surveys from 236 knowledgeable professionals about their company’s marketing strategy. Let’s jump right into the charts!

Read the full article from blog.hubspot.com (source) right here

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6 to-do items for Instagram influencers

Are you an Instagram influencer? Are you working to become one? These six to-do items are key for success!

Building and maintaining status as an Instagram influencer requires a lot of work. After all, your ability to achieve high engagement rates and find new followers depends on your ability to provide engaging content day after day.

But beautiful photos aren’t the only way you are going to build a large following and a successful career as an Instagram influencer. Taking care of some additional to-do’s will help your profile and posts deliver the results you need.

1. Use hashtags wisely.

2. Fine-tune your bio.

3. Be prepared to pitch clients.

4. Know when to pass on an opportunity.

5. Find new ways to monetize.

6. Switch to an Instagram Business Account.

Read the full article thanks to entrepreneur.com (source, photo by olivia hutcherson)

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The science behind what makes an e-learning design effective

If you learn the science behind good e-learning design and use it properly, you will be able to connect with your learners, make them care about the subject and even change what they do and how they think. What Makes a Good eLearning Design? Color, fonts, contrast, imagery, and shapes (and more) all factor into the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of a good e-learning design…

Let’s take a look at this article thanks to shiftelearning.com (source)

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Students have trouble judging the credibility of information online

Stanford education scholars find many students have trouble judging the credibility of online news. Education scholars say youth are duped by sponsored content and don’t always recognize political bias of social messages.

When it comes to evaluating information that flows across social channels or pops up in a Google search, young and otherwise digital-savvy students can easily be duped, finds a new report from researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Education.
The report, released this week by the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), shows a dismaying inability by students to reason about information they see on the Internet, the authors said. Students, for example, had a hard time distinguishing advertisements from news articles or identifying where information came from.
« Many people assume that because young people are fluent in social media they are equally perceptive about what they find there, » said Professor Sam Wineburg, the lead author of the report and founder of SHEG. « Our work shows the opposite to be true. »
The researchers began their work in January 2015, well before the most recent debates over fake news and its influence on the presidential election.

Full article by ed.stanford.edu (source!) right here

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5 things retailers can learn from Birchbox

Rachel Humphrey, director of PR and strategic partnerships at Birchbox UK shares five ways the subscription retailer has created a whole new way for consumers to buy beauty products both online and in-store.

1. Find your niche

Birchbox was one of the first brands to capitalise on the increasingly popular subscription model of retailing. And when it launched in 2010, less than 2% of beauty was sold online. Its founders realised how inefficient beauty sampling was and wanted to create a new way of attracting new customers to beauty brands.

Full article by essentialretail.com (source) is waiting here !

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How Google AdWords works and how it affects your SEO ?

Google AdWords is an advertising system from Google. It is a paid-for service where the advertiser, that is, the person selling products or services online will pay and then gets to pick the keywords that they would like to appear on Google search. The advertisers have to bid for the keywords, and the more that one is willing to pay for keywords in a certain niche, the higher the likelihood that the keywords will appear in the search results of Google. However, please note that if you are the only bidder for given keywords, then you will be forced to pay the maximum amount per click, irrespective of how much you had bid to pay for every click…

Full article dated January 17, 2017 (fxdailyreport.com, Daffa Zaky) for all profanes in SEM :))

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5 metrics to improve your Snapchat marketing


In this article, you’ll discover five metrics you should focus on to get more out of Snapchat…

#1: Watch Total Opens

The total number, or aggregate, of views across all of your Snapchat stories is called total opens. This metric helps you gauge the success of a two-part strategy: content and growth. If you aren’t receiving as many views of your content as you’d like, it’s time to take a deeper look at these two facets of your Snapchat marketing plan.

Tip: To track your opens and views, you can use a tool like Snaplytics.io.


If users don’t find any value in your snap, they’re unlikely to view the other snaps in your story. Are your snaps interesting, funny, and/or useful? Be honest with yourself and get feedback from others. Every snap you post should deliver value or fulfill a need, whether it’s eliciting a human emotion or delivering information.

One way to boost views is to harness the power of anticipation. Snaps are short forms of content, but they should reflect the basic pillars of storytelling. Each video needs a beginning, middle, and end, and your audience needs a reason to follow through to the end.

Similar principles apply to images, which should take viewers on a journey that encourages them to keep watching and ask, “What’s next?” Unless you work somewhere inherently fun (like Disneyland), snapping about your daily work life may not entice those who are viewing.

Read full article here ! (source : socialmediaexaminer.com)

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Ces jobs que les robots n’auront pas

Dans un TED, Anthony Goldbloom, CEO de la startup Kaggle, fait le point sur les emplois menacés par l’intelligence artificielle (IA).

Lire aussi l’article de la revue L’ADN sur ce sujet.

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Social influencers say it’s really not just about the money

social-influencers-surveyWhen considering teaming up with a brand, social influencers say they consider a variety of factors, but mainly they just want to be sure the brand’s values line up with their own.

About four in ten influencers surveyed cited common values as one of the most important reasons when deciding to partner with a brand, according to influencer marketing automation platform TapInfluence, which polled 268 influencers in North America who had an average reach of 259,000.

Brand recognition and opportunity to grow their following were other factors cited, but fewer respondents mentioned them as being a key reason why they would team up with a brand. For example, only 2.24% of influencers said that it was important for the brand to be well recognized, and 4.9% said the partnership would be a great opportunity for them to grow their following.

Full article from emarketer.com right there

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A guide to create high-quality videos for social media


Video in online marketing is increasing at an exponential rate. Did you know that the use of video content for B2B marketers increased from 8% to 58% in 2014 alone? More than that, the number of videos from brands on Facebook increased by 3.6x year over year.

So this poses the question, does all this video really help marketers succeed? Yes! Social media posts with videos in them boost views by 48%, and visual content on Facebook specifically increases engagement by 65%. This means more people seeing your content, more people going to your website, and more people buying … just by adding in a video! Talk about a lot of value.

Not sure where to start with video for your social media account? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. HubSpot and Wistia have teamed together to bring you an interactive guide … with videos! This guide will show you how you can start today at making videos that are optimized for each social media platform. If you’d like to skip ahead, simply click on an item in the table of contents to jump down to that section.

Full paper right here, from HubSpot.com & Wistia.

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Créer soi-même son appli mobile avec Shoutem

mobile-applications-management-softwareUnforced advertising ! I cannot resist the temptation to submit this little video tutorial. Before they do totally disappear from the landscape (it is not for tomorrow) mobile applications have never been so easy to create… However, this will cost you approximately $239 a year with Shoutem. Almost nothing 🙂

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Does the media have a « duty of care » ?

In a thoughtful talk, David Puttnam asks a big question about the media: Does it have a moral imperative to create informed citizens, to support democracy? His solution for ensuring media responsibility is bold, and you might not agree. But it’s certainly a question worth asking…

Watch it or listen to it thanks to Ted.com (source) :

David Puttnam media duty of care ted talks









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Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks

messaging apps surpassing social networksUsers around the world are logging in to messaging apps to not only chat with friends but also to connect with brands, browse merchandise, and watch content. What were once simple services for exchanging messages, pictures, videos, and GIFs have evolved into expansive ecosystems with their own developers, apps, and APIs.

Chat apps boast a number of distinct characteristics that make their audiences particularly appealing to businesses and marketers, including their size, retention and usage rates, and user demographics. The combined user base of the top four chat apps is larger than the combined user base of the top four social networks. Chat apps also have higher retention and usage rates than most mobile apps. Finally, the majority of their users are young, an extremely important demographic for brands, advertisers and publishers.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we take a close look at the size of the messaging app market, how these apps are changing, and the types of opportunities for monetization that have emerged from the growing audience that uses messaging services daily.

Read the full story from BI Intelligence… here !

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ICT strikes down independent pizzerias

Tech Killing Independent Pizzerias

Technology is killing off independent pizzerias in the United States at the rate of roughly 2,549 locations per year (in 2015 alone). The pizza category is being reshaped by both big new tech deployed by chains and fresh threats from sophisticated emerging brands that are taking slices of the pie from tens of thousands of ill-equipped and low-tech independent pizzerias…

Full article right there ! From Linkedin Pulse.

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Optimizing our (bad) video advertising experience…

creating an optimal ad experience











Source : Teads (NYC/London)

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Hashtags for marketing… at a glance

In order to help you get the most out of hashtags, QuickSprout created an infographic that teaches you how to leverage them on each popular social network. Here it is…

hashtags at a glace

Source : Quicksprout.com

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A top 10 writing tools for web content creation

writing-tools-for-web-content-marketingGreat writers don’t rely solely upon their talent. They are characterized by discipline and great focus. If you lack these fundamental skills, your talent won’t help you write outstanding posts and articles on schedule. But wait, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Many online tools, apps, and websites will help you achieve your full potential as a blogger or content writer. Start exploring these 10 tools… here !

Source : contentmarketinginstitute.com

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How to do SEO in 2015 ?

Penguin. Panda. Pigeon. Phantom. Navigating the constant pace of Google algorithm updates makes SEO in 2015 a much harder game to play. But companies and individuals who are producing high-quality branded content on a consistent basis are the ones that have the edge in terms of search visibility.

Still, one question keeps coming up: « How do I rank for [keyword] »? Without some of the old system-gaming tactics, starting from Square 1 may seem daunting. There are certain things you can do to gain search visibility, though. And it starts with finding out what keywords and phrases you should really be focusing on—not just from Google’s keyword data, but from the buyers who are searching for solutions to their problems.

So if you’re trying to determine the best SEO strategy these days, here’s a quick guide (from Kuno Creative !) :


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Les 7 règles du « marketing de contenu » par Adidas

adidas-brand-content-marketing-rulesDans une interview à Marketing Magazine UK, Tom Ramsden, directeur marketing Football chez Adidas, édicte les 7 règles du « content marketing » … à la lumière de la Coupe du Monde :

1. L’investissement dans le « contenu anticipé »
2. Ne pas avoir peur de mettre le contenu au-devant de la marque
3. L’audience dépasse la « commandite » traditionnelle
4. Créez vos propres histoires
5. Ayez un objectif clair
6. Voyez au-delà de la campagne
7. Ne laissez pas vos émotions à la porte

Prenez quelques minutes pour découvrir plus en détail ces 7 règles, accompagnées d’excellentes descriptions, dans l’article de Marketing Magazine UK (en anglais).

Source : gotoast.ca

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Jewelry advertisers : no love for Valentine’s Day in Paid Search

mots-clés-sea-joaillerie-usaAccording to the National Retail Federation, one in five Americans plans to buy jewelry for their sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, totaling some $4.8 billion. You might not know that, however, judging by Paid Search activity in the Jewelry Retail category.

For instance, AdGooroo ranked the top 500 jewelry-related keywords based on Desktop Text Ad spend on U.S. Google AdWords from January 1 to February 5, 2015 and found no specific mention of Valentine’s Day in any term. To be sure, the Top 20 keyword ranking below suggests that it’s business as usual in the category, with top keywords including general terms such as ‘engagement rings’, ‘wedding rings’ and ‘diamond’ as well as branded terms such as ‘pandora charms’, ‘alex and ani’ and ‘kay jewelers’.

See the Top 20

Source : adgooroo.com

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A smart guide to content marketing analytics & metrics

guide content marketing analytics metricsThe single most perplexing question for anyone in content marketing is: How do I measure the effectiveness of my content marketing?

More often than not, when asked this question, marketers fall back on soft metrics like “page views” and “shares” or anecdotes about how their content is working by way of feedback from the sales team.

But, there is a better way.

Content marketing has come a long way in the past few years, and there are now definite content marketing metrics that can answer this question, along with technologies that can help to quantify the return on your content marketing investment.

top-of-blog-CTAThe following guide provides a comprehensive overview of the analytics and metrics that will help you determine the effectiveness of your content, and ultimately how it affects revenue. I also asked over 20 experts how they measure content marketing efforts.

Their answers are included throughout the post. For an even more in-depth analysis, check out the entire eBook that I authored on this topic: The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Metrics & Analytics.

Complete page right here

Source : curata.com

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The most common content optimization mistakes in 2014

content-marketing-mistakes-2015Your content may be great, but it won’t help your marketing efforts if search engines aren’t indexing it. Columnist Arnie Kuenn explores 8 common optimization errors and how to address them.

As content marketing involves influencing customer purchase decisions through content creation and distribution, most marketers understand the necessity for compelling content.

However, many often forget about the impact SEO can have on content marketing success. In addition to publishing high-quality, helpful content, your content and website must be well optimized in order to be found by search engines, and more importantly, your audience.

Unfortunately, with the amount of misinformation about SEO published online, marketers make many SEO mistakes without even realizing it, which could be costing their businesses traffic and search engine rankings.

In an effort to minimize the number of marketers making common SEO mistakes, I want to share the eight most common content optimization mistakes we saw this past year…

Full article from marketingland.com (source)

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What’s the ideal length for online content ?

Ideal_Length_of_Online_Content_InfographicWhat’s the optimal length of a blog headline ? How many characters do the most successful email subject lines have ? This infographic has the answers, as well as the best lengths for other types of online content.

Watch the infographic

Source : ragan.com

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